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Preoccupation (Emmett/Alicia)


Georgie had asked about Emmett’s previous bachelor party when discussing this story. I hope this makes you smile, my friend!

Preoccupation (Emmett/Alicia)

Alicia clicked her tongue in annoyance and stepped back from the canvas. She’d smeared a large amount of black pigment right in the center, where she’d envisioned the soft white table cloth to be.

She swore under her breath and grabbed her blade to remove the dollop. It was the third time she’d managed to ruin her latest project that evening.

There was a small chirp to her right, and she looked down to see Pocket roll over and stretch into an impossibly feline position. He righted himself and looked at her.

“What time is it?” she asked, half-expecting him to answer. The cat blinked again, staring at her with compassionate eyes. She glanced over to the clock. 11:06.

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Thank you for creating this beautiful couple. Are you sure you’re not a cupid for the Tatennant fandom? I love every minute of this. This is so sweet. I’m melting.

Aw, thank you, Mickey—I’m glad you liked it! ^_^


Ah, Hello my dear, could you do another fic for this Sophie/James gallery AU that, after a couple weeks together, Sophie’s birthday is coming and then James call her to the gallery so when she gets there, she sees that he closed the whole gallery just for her and made a exposure just of pictures of her, taken without her noticing, together with a birthday cake celebrating her birthday please? Thank you very much. -Xx

Captured Moments 

"Ready, Sunny?" Sophie toys with the leash in her hands. She and James have been on exactly three and a half dates - she counts their first walk as a half a date - now. Still, she told James she didn’t need a big deal made for her birthday. 

So, why leave her a long, letter sized note asking her to bring Sunny with her to the gallery tonight at seven, after it’s closed? She doesn’t know, but she blow dried her hair, did her makeup and wore her fanciest-but-breeziest dress. You know—just in case. 

"Hi," James peeks his head out the gallery door a little shyly. He closes it behind him, making sure she can’t see inside at all. 

"Hi," Sophie giggles at his sheepish grin. She leans into him as he kisses her cheek, now a familiar gesture to them. She wishes full on kisses were more familiar, but James is such a gentleman he’s only kissed her twice, and after asking her explicitly if he could. "What’s all this?" 

James chuckles at Sophie’s flirty tone. She’s just stuck in an eternal state of cute, he thinks. “I know you said you didn’t want anything big for your birthday, but I couldn’t resist.” 

"James," Sophie tilts her head but knows a smile is creeping over her face.

"I think you’ll like it," James blushes, looking at her shyly, "sweetheart."

Sophie feels her insides flutter at the endearment as she eagerly takes James’ hand. He lets Sunny in first. 

"Okay, close your eyes," he whispers close to her ear. 

Sophie shivers, but flips her hair over her shoulder in a moment of reassurance. “You won’t let me walk into anything?” 

"Never," James leaves another kiss on her temple. She closes her eyes, looking ever adorable and totally beautiful. He guides her in gently, hoping his hands aren’t too clammy. Once he has her in the center of the gallery floor, he stops them. "Okay, open your eyes." 

Sophie gasps as she sees the canvases, plastered with prints of her. They’re all candid pictures, ones James has clearly taken in spontaneous moments. “James, what is this?” 

"Happy Birthday, Sophie," James speaks softly, still holding her hand. "I, uh…I wanted to capture all these moments. Not that I could forget them…you-you’re so beautiful." 

Sophie waves her hand a little by her eyes, which brim with blissful tears. “James, this is…I can’t…you’re amazing!” 

"You’re amazing," James hugs her close by the waist. "I can’t believe I have something so beautiful in my life." 

Sophie giggles into James’ chest, sniffling a little. 

Sunny yips happily, jumping up to James’ hip to nuzzle his sweater. 

"Aw-haw-haw, yes, lovely girl," Sophie leaves a kiss on Sunny’s head. "I have the most perfect boyfriend in the history of ever, don’t I?" 

"Boyfriend," James hums shakily, blushing right to his ears, "hm." 

Sophie stands, close enough to brush her front against his. “Yes, boyfriend—and I couldn’t have a better one.” 

James melts as Sophie sends him a bright smile, although her eyes look almost shy as she leans in. He meets her in the kiss, and his chest rumbles as she sighs into it. His arm is able to encircle her cute little waist entirely, and he lifts her off the ground ever so slightly. 

When Sophie pulls back she almost immediately hears the clicking of a camera. She hiccups a little, fanning her warm cheeks, “James, no, I’m a mess!” 

"You’re too cute, is what you are," James smiles at his camera. "I have to start for next year." 

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OK! We haven't seen "the brothers" in a while. Chris wants to take Doe out on a proper date, but is nervous. How about a story where Chris asks for dating advice from Peter and then Alec?



Chris gulps as his brothers both turn at him sharply. He gulps, feeling heat creep up his neck. “I-I…I wanna take Dorothy on a-a date.” 

Peter and Alec seem to trade looks, sharing conspiracy theories. It only unnerves Chris further, but Peter starts surprisingly easily. “Okay, what do you wanna know, kid?” 

"Um," Chris turns crimson, never having imagined they would actually offer any real advice. "I-I want to know what to do on a date!" 

"Yeah, but," Alec sits a little more forward on the couch. "Not all dates are the same, buddy." 

"Well, I know that," Chris swallows and sits down on the automan comfortably. "I…I know you took Sarah on a picnic, cause you said you like to see the leaves in her hair, a-and that she really likes chocolate covered strawberries." 

"Sook," Peter smirks at his older brother, who blushes ever so slightly under his scruff. 

"Well, I know you used every trick you ever learned on your first date with Nellie to impress her," Chris defends his oldest brother/mocks his middle brother. To his satisfaction, Peter also blushes, but that’s not the point. "I just…I really want this to be special." 

"Well, any first date is special, kid," Peter shrugs. 

"But!!" Chris stands in a moment of passion. Alec and Peter both look alarmed by it but he presses on. "Doe deserves something really special!" 

Peter and Alec, again, share looks. They’re soft, though, with gentle smiles. Alec stands and walks over to pat his brother’s hair. “I know you really like Dorothy, Chris.” 

Chris stares at his toes, mumbling, “I…think I’m in love with her.” 

Stupidly cute,' Alec thinks to himself. “Just be yourself, Chris, and I already know Doe will love it.” 

"I was thinking, maybe we could, um, go get to the diner, then, uh, a walk, or something?" Chris swallows thickly. "Then…I could k-kiss her when we get to th-the bridge, in the park, a-above the pond lilies." 

"Whoa, whoa, kissing?" Alec frowns, suddenly in full protective mode. This is their little Doe, after all—the girl he’s been giving piggy backs to since she and Chris were nine. "Don’t you think you guys are a little young for that?" 

"Shut up, old man," Peter smacks Alec’s side. "I’m sure Sarah will have something to say about that. And I say go for it, kiddo—and see if you get some tongue." 

"Peter!" Alec snaps. "None of that! Chris, I’m sure the date will be perfect." 

Chris doubts that, despite his planning. He’s taking her to the diner because her favorite meal is breakfast for dinner, and they’re going for a walk because she loves to walk among the flower beds in the park. But that can’t be a perfect date, can it? 

Well, it is, he realizes—when he sees Dorothy waiting for him with a ribbon in her hair and her cheeks sweetly pink. It’s perfect because she’s perfect. 

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Moonlit Water (Sarah/Alec)


I think I wrote this when I was in need of my comfort zone. So, I apologize for it having no point whatsoever other than Hardy Family happiness.

Moonlit Water (Sarah/Alec)

 Sarah closed the door very quietly. Her children slept soundly on the other side, their deep breaths keeping in time with the distant waves. Another full day of exploring a new world behind them, they were asleep before Sarah finished their current chapter of Le Petit Prince.

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Would you write something cute for Sophie and James just whatever you want :p


Turning Pink (Sophie / James)


Sophie drops her head onto the table with a dull thud, groaning inwardly. She can’t help but wonder how did Alicia talk her into speed dating. Ever since her sweet friend found her scruffy American Detective, she’s been encouraging her to get back into the dating scene. As a last ditch effort to get her dear friend off her back, she reluctantly agreed to this whole speed dating thing Emmett suggested.

She was too preoccupied with gently banging her head against the table and failed to notice someone else has come by to sit across from her.

“Are you all right, Miss?”

Her face heats up and cringes as she comes face to face with her newest potential date. At least this one is cute, she thinks and his thick Scottish accent reminds her of home.

“Yes,” she replies with a tired smile, “I’m sorry.”

“If it makes you feel any better, I don’t think anyone here is having a good time,” he tells her with a shy smile.

“Thank you.” A small but genuine smile appears on her face for the first time that night. “I’m Sophie.”

“James,” he smiles.

“I like your accent, James. It reminds me of home.”

He turns pink at her words and she grins. This is quite refreshing, she thinks, a man who blushes. She has never met anyone like that in her life. Even her ex-fiancé never blushed once when they were together.

“I could say the same about you, Sophie.”

“I take it your night was a disaster too?”

He shrugs, taking a long sip of his wine. “Before I came over, I met a woman who won’t stop talking about her ex-boyfriends, another one who won’t stop talking about how she can communicate with the dead, and she worships the devil. The last one won’t get off her phone with her personal assistant.”

“That’s not as horrible,” she looks at him incredulously, “you should know that all the men asked me if my carpet match my drapes. They also won’t stop staring at my chest the entire time.”

“Sorry,” James cringes, “I guess you win.”

“Bloody right,” Sophie tells him with a flirty smile and tosses her hair over her shoulders for good measure, and is pleased to see this cute Scottish boy blush again. “Although,” she whispers, leaning forward, “I’m glad you’re here.”

“Me…me too,” he stutters and she giggles.

“You’re cute, James,” she winks. “So, what do you do?”

“Oh,” he clears his throat, happy to go back to something he’s familiar with because he’s definitely not familiar with a gorgeous woman flirting with him. “I’m a writer and I’m working on my second book. During my free time, I dabble in a bit of photography. What about you?”


“I guess our time is up,” he says apologetically. “It’s my pleasure meeting you, Sophie.”


Sophie feels a pang in the pit of her stomach, pouting miserably as she watches him move over to the next table.

James nods absently as his newest date goes on about something he couldn’t care less about. He finds himself glancing over to the pretty ginger who looks just about as miserable as he is. He doesn’t like that she’s not enjoying herself and he definitely doesn’t like that the man she’s with seems to be more interested in talking about himself than listening to her.

“Excuse me.”

Taking a deep breath, he summons up as much courage as he can and marches over to her table.

“James,” Sophie’s face lights up as he comes to stand by her table.

“Hey man,” the protein shake junkie sneers at him, “it’s not time to switch yet. This hot piece of ass is still mine.”

“Show some respect, her name’s Sophie,” James tells him off. He then turns to her who is looking at him with a smile bright enough to rival the sun. “I didn’t get to hear your answer. Do you want to get a drink with me so you can tell me what is it that you do?”


Sophie feels little butterflies in her stomach when he places his hand on her upper back like a gentleman and leads her out of the restaurant. He stops as soon as they’re far away from the establishment and she frowns. “We don’t have to get that drink,” he tells her with a soft smile. “I just wanted to get you out of there. You didn’t look like you were enjoying yourself.”

“You’re sweet.” She glances at him through her lashes, smiling sweetly, “but I’d love to have that drink with you. Unless you don’t want to.”

“I want to!”

She giggles at his excitement and loops her arm through his. “Lead the way, James.”

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Alec and Sarah in Paris for your plane au sexy. pretty please


Paris (Sarah / Alec)

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Overcoming (Selkie!Doe/Alicia)


This take place a little after Alicia and Emmett have officially joined Alec’s clan. There’s an adjustment period to go through, for a few people.

Overcoming (Selkie!Doe and Alicia)

 Doe readjusted her grip on the basket containing the root vegetables and entered the small enclosure of her family’s huts. As she approached, she heard the happy (and mostly indecipherable) chatter of her sisters-in-law. She smiled, pleased that she managed to pick up at least one or two words this time. She walked closer and saw another person with them, wavy long hair falling down her back.

A funny sensation crept into her stomach. Frowning, Doe blinked and forged ahead, heaving the basket up a little higher.

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Oh, and the image of the two of them in sunglasses…/unf/

I know, right? B)

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